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Maxmiliane Luxury Group

We believe that the emotions you experience give color to your life. We want to enable people to capture these emotions and store them in the presents they buy for them self’s or others. Maxmiliane Luxury Group creates a lifestyle of luxury goods to feel fortunate.

Maxmiliane Luxury Group BV (MLG) is named after her founder Maxmiliane Heeneman. The vision of the company is “Make a lifestyle of luxury goods to feel fortunate”. For now that’s been realized by the running of our own two brands and the distribution, marketing and fulfillment of other luxury brands for the Dutch market.

Maxmiliane Heeneman: “As a child I dreamed of my own shop, a gift store to be exact. The month of December was always widely celebrated at home. All gifts nicely wrapped and neatly cared for by my mother as you will now only find in Disney movies”

Now, years later, that dream became a reality. Every day we bring consumers the most beautiful gifts in conjunction with our dealers. Gift wrapped, ready to be unpacked!

MLG will provide your brand a one stop shop when it comes to entering the Dutch market.

We will make our existing customers selling points of your brand and bring in new costumers if a shopping area is in our opinion not fully utilized yet. We will run marketing campaigns thru our PR activity’s using all our connections. And combine the two to communicate a clear message to the end consumer.

Sneak peek of our portfolio

The power of Speechless Jewelry is in the quotes, time and time again we find that it evokes so many memories with customers. They can find themselves in the texts and wear it with great pleasure, or give it away as the perfect present with a underlying message of love. The jewelry is classic trendy and speaks to a very broad audience. In addition, the jewelry sold at an attractive price, with good quality and we provide one year warranty.

Speechless Jewelry has been around for three years, the brand has grown rapidly in the past three years and has more than 125 dealers in the Netherlands. The brand has had her TV debut with Life4You, has been published in various magazines and newspapers and editorial described by several bloggers. Each month Speechless Jewelry introduces a new piece of jewelry. The dealers will be provided with free high-quality display materials equipped with a tablet PC which play a video for consumers to enjoy. Speechless Jewelry continues to excite its customers.

My Treasure immortalizes special moments! My Treasure comes in its very own treasure box. It\’s very personal. In our view, there is nothing better in life than to be together and experience beautiful things. Then it\’s even more fun when you can immortalize those moments and wear them with you every day. The timeless design appeals to everyone. Customers can choose from three different sizes: small, medium and large.

My Treasure is ideal for retailers. Retailers don’t need stock. There are only three show models and three fitting models in the store. The consumer can looks at and adjusts the design of the jewelry at one of our My Treasure dealers. The dealer will then orders the desired piece of jewelry with us. Our engraver will engraving the bracelet. This is then sent to the retailer or, if desired, directly to the customer. If we receive the order before 12:00 o clock we will send it the same day!

It is very nice to see all the engravings pass. People invent the most beautiful phrases. It gives great satisfaction to make this possible for our customers. Capture Your special moment with My Treasure!

MLG is proud distributor of Di Giorgio Paris. In a world of “academic jewelry”, the DI GIORGIO house stands out from the crowd. Such was the ambition of its founder, Xavier Di Giorgio. Founded in 2006, the brand quickly grew into a creative vision of costume jewelry with a luxury hallmark. Almost ten years later, the dream is still going strong. But Xavier will never surrender his early ambitions, which remain his motivation to this day. These core values are driven by a desire to render a high-end aesthetic more accessible.

Many of DI GIORGIO’s designs are crafted from precious silver ( 925/00 gram), a high-quality metal, while remaining stylish, durable and affordable. Collections such as MANHATTAN feel especially luxurious with their fine precious stone. From sapphire to topaz, amethyst and ruby, these jewel-encrusted stackables are ready to mix and match! Silhouettes are reminiscent of yesterday’s fashions but also take their lead from the latest catwalk trends, an endless source of inspiration. All this reveals the true spirit of the DI GIORGIO house, a symbol of timeless elegance. Perhaps the most accurate definition of its ethos.

What we do

We operate on four fields. Service, online sales, offline sales and marketing/PR. All working in perfect harmony to create the success your brand deserves.

At the office of Maxmiliane Luxury Group we daily help customers with questions about the brands we service. This can be questions about the product, where it’s sold, quality issues or shipment tracking. We always provide our customers with a suited solution that stays within the service level we agreed upon with our brands. Next to that our office in Heemstede is the logistical hub for our return and repair service. Most online retailers including state that you need to have a Dutch return address in order to do business with them.

Online Sales
Online presents is key in getting your brand of the ground in The Netherlands. A branch of business that is expanding every year to new records highs. We make sure your brand is on the biggest online retailer in The Netherlands: We keep your collection up to date and tweak the content to better performance. Also we introduce it to a wide range of smaller online resellers as well as in our very own web shop.

Offline Sales
The Netherlands has a wide range of privately owned jewelry and fashion shops. We hold close relations with 150 of these retailers throughout The Netherlands. With only 62 cities with more than 50.000 inhabitants that can be marked as a lot. Our extensive network can be applied to your brand as well. Our sales agents can bring your product under their attention. Also we can take your brand to business to business and business to consumers fairs to stimulate sales and brand awareness.

Marketing and PR
Brand exposure is extremely important for boosting sales. Therefore we can provide brands with a extensive social media and PR campaign. Creating social media accounts in the Dutch language and righting/translating press releases. We actively introduce the products to journalists, bloggers and vloggers. Also we organize events for consumers to get introduced to the goods.

We provide brands with the skills and knowhow on how to enter and grow in the Dutch market. From our years of experience we have collected the best methods and made them available to all brands.

  1. Customer service for your brand in Dutch
  2. Utilizing the enormous sales power of in The Netherlands
  3. Taking care of distribution in The Netherlands
  4. Return and repair service for the Dutch market
  5. Create and maintain Social media accounts in Dutch
  6. Getting your product to the right bloggers and vloggers
  7. Participating in business to business fairs around the country
  8. Having our sales agents sell your product
  9. Setting up online and offline media campaigns

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